Hiring a Wedding Florist in DC

The flowers at your wedding will be an inspiring source of beauty. There's just something about the blooms of nature that makes everybody feel the love in the air, there's no doubt about that. Whether you realize it or not, your wedding flowers play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your ceremony in the DC area. Whether it's the petals on the aisleway, the blooms that the blushing bride is holding, the corsage on the grooms lapel, or the floral arrangements located along all of the centerpieces, flowers are beautiful additions to any ceremony. We're knowledgeable about wedding flowers and how to get the best choices for your ceremony, but nothing beats a conversation with a true professional florist or floral designer. Your wedding flowers are going to depend on your budget and the overall look that you're looking for exactly. While a florist is someone who provides flowers, you'll find that a floral designer goes above in beyond in their creative designing and planning. Any style wedding ceremony can benefit from the right flowers. Whimsical styled ceremonies tend to gravitate towards large, blossoming, ethereal looking flowers, while traditional weddings stick to the tried and true roses in shades of red and white. Brides who are looking to think outside of the box are now using plants such as succulents, wild flowers, and we've even seen cases of fruits and vegetables being used! You can gain inspiration for what you want exactly by looking through wedding inspiration sources such as magazines and online communities.

The reality for many brides today is the fact that there isn't a disposable income to be spent on the wedding, and we find that many brides ask us about how to save money on their wedding flowers. The best tip we can give is to stay within the flowers that are currently in season, and choose a florist or floral designer who can listen to the specifics wants and needs that you have. If you're on the same page as your wedding professional, you'll find that you're infinitely more productive. You can find the best florists in the area by checking out those online wedding communities that we mentioned earlier. Reading reviews from local brides is another great way to narrow down the sea of selections that are out there, however, nothing beats meeting face to face with potential wedding professionals. You want to ensure you're going to be understood and respected, as with any business interaction, so be sure to ask all of the questions you need, and look over the contract if they offer one. This will ensure you're completely informed about everything that comes with what you're paying for. We hope our guide to finding the right wedding flowers for your DC area wedding has proven to be beneficial for your wedding planning process. If you're still looking for wedding day transportation, give us a call or send us an email at your earliest convenience. Congratulations on this major life milestone!

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