Hiring a Wedding Videographer in DC

There are many things to consider when hiring a wedding videographer. The most important thing is experience. Wedding videos will be cherished for a life time so it is important you choose a videographer who understands exactly what you are looking for. Be careful when choosing. Many beginner videographers start off with weddings because they find it as an easy start. However that does not mean you cannot find a talented videographer to capture your wedding.

You should always ask for demos. A demo is a demonstration video, or videos on previous work the videographer has done. There is absolutely no reason they should deny you a demo. If they will not show you a demo cross them off your list. You need an idea of what to expect out of your wedding video. Ask for references from previous customers they may or may not be able to deliver this due to privacy concerns. When you watch a demo be sure to watch from start to finish. You should build a good relationship with the videographer and there should be open communication. Remember they will be there during your wedding you should have no concerns about getting along with them, or them getting along with your guest. If they are not pleasant cross them off your list.

You will need to determine the type of style being used in documenting your wedding. A good videographer will be able to explain different styles and offer examples. Some of the most popular styles for weddings are a reality TV style, documentary style that may include interviews and voice overs, or an arty cinematic style. Like all things involving wedding planning you need to determine a budget. Wedding videography can get pricy. But that is for a good reason when you consider the expensive equipment, and amount of time and labor necessary for creating your video. If the videographer cannot meet your budget look else where. Usually the cost of a videographer is comparable to the price of a photographer. If you are familiar with video equipment you may want to ask about the type of cameras and equipment they will use.

Ask questions about editing and final versions. Editing is very important. Quality editing will make a huge difference in your final product. Ask how long will the final video be, can you have more then one version, what titles or captions will be included, will the DVD have a title menu, will music be added, and what is the copyright situation?

Picking a videographer is important to capture the moments you never want to forget on your wedding day. If you follow the tips in this guide finding a videographer will be painless. Congratulations on your engagement, and enjoy your big day. Washington DC has various credible videographers for you to choose from, go check them out!

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